Insurance Work

Obbard Builders can carry out insurance building work and are accredited by several of the major insurance companies. We have a full understanding of the requirements of the major insurers which makes your life easier when dealing with an insurance claim building project.

We also provide a reliable call out service to deal with storm damage or other emergency works. Obbard Builders are able to provide a written survey for your insurance company along with a very competitive no obligation quotation for the remedial works.

  • Accredited by several major insurance companies
  • Full understanding of insurers requirements
  • Reliable call out service
  • Storm damage and emergency works
  • Written surveys provided
  • Competitive no obligation quotes for remedial works


Why choose Obbard Builders?

  • Smart & Intelligent building and refurbishment services
  • Quality & Value
  • Free no obligation estimates
  • Attention to detail and scrupulous principle supervision
  • Clear client communication - vital to completing a project on time and in budget
  • Trading Standards checked